Advertisers and Apps to Soon Capture Your Lock Screen

Advertisers and Apps to Soon Capture Your Lock Screen

Advertisers and Apps to Soon Capture Your Lock Screen

Advertisers and Apps to Soon Capture Your Lock Screen

In today’s technologically advanced world, your phone’s lock screen is the hottest real estate! Apple developed the iPhone’s lock screen a centerpiece of iOS 16. It would enable users to get more control over how theirs works and looks.

While Apple discussed about nifty color-matched wallpapers and pretty clock fonts, it also exhibited a new world in which your lock screen is more than just a mere security measure. It is soon to become another crucial surface on which major companies can put apps, information, and even advertisements. Apple is far from the only cell phone company thinking about this plan. A lock screen content company named Glance is already discussing with the U.S. carriers to introduce the same on some Android phones in the country in the next couple of months.

The attention and competition for your eyeballs has already come out of various apps and onto your home screens through notifications and widgets. It now looks like it is headed one step ahead. It is moving towards the first thing you see when you turn your phone on before even unlocking it or picking it up.

One way to imagine the new app is like a Snapchat Discover feed on the lock screen of your smartphones. The company will soon serve up a rotating set of photos, games, quizzes, videos, and news headlines that appear every time your phone’s lock screen turns on. Glance named these content cards ‘glances’ and declared that on an average, users can consume this feature about 65 times a day.

A subsidiary of InMobi Group, Glance is an Indian ad technology firm. It has joined hands with various manufacturers, including Xiaomi and Samsung. The company mentioned that it has developed more than 400 million phones across Asia Pacific.

Glance is considered to be a sensible idea by other smartphone manufacturers. Users don’t have to consistently dip in and out of apps seeking information and latest news. They won’t even have to unlock their smartphones- they just have to trust their smartphones to get them something unique every time they turn it on.

Apple further announced this idea and spoke about how it observes a feature-rick lock screen as a novel way to help use your phone much lesser than expected. The company also mentioned that the lock screen can be the face of an individual’s phones.

Several innovative features such as Live Activities can make it easier for users to get a quick look without having to unlock their phone and open other distractive apps inside. They won’t have to unlock their phones and get their desired answers at a glance. Even if they unlock it, they will almost forget why they are there at the very first place.

Companies are set to provide advertisers and app developers a chance to get close to users by opening up this new space. They will be able to create Live Activities that would stick around long enough after they are done being attractive.

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