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What Is Travis Scott’s Net Worth

What is Travis Scott’s Net Worth?what is travis scotts net worth

Whether you are a fan of Travis Scott’s music, or simply just interested in knowing what his net worth is, there are plenty of sources to find out. Depending on what sources you use, you might find the answer to your question.

Life and family details

Despite being a famous American artist, Travis Scott is still very much a family man. He shares his life with his mother, a businesswoman. He has a sister and a younger brother. He has also been in a relationship with rapper Kanye West.

Travis Scott was born on April 30, 1991, in Houston, Texas, USA. His parents are Jacques Bermon Webster and Wanda Yvette (Flood) Webster. He was the first of three children.

He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and record producer. He is also a businessman. He has his own record label, Birds Eye View Entertainment. He also works as an in-house producer for GOOD Music. He has released two full-lengths with two different duos. He has also collaborated with Kid Cudi in a few songs.

Travis Scott started his career by performing at local clubs. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. He worked as an in-house producer for GOOD Music when he was in 2012. He also worked on his own mixtape, Owl Pharaoh, in 2012.

He has also released two EPs. The first was released when he was in high school. The other was released in MySpace.

He is a fan of Kid Cudi. He also claimed that his knowledge of music theory is derived from his family. He has been rumored to be dating rapper Kylie Jenner. She has also been photographed at social events with him. He has also dated Rhianna for a short period of time.

During his childhood, Travis Scott lived in South Park, Houston with his grandmother. He was introduced to music by his father. He has also participated in musical theater. He played drums for many years.

Music career

Jacques Bermon Webster II, better known by his stage name Travis Scott, was born in Houston, Texas, on April 30, 1992. He grew up in the middle class suburb of Missouri City. He attended Elkins High School. He briefly attended the University of Texas at San Antonio before deciding to pursue a music career.

In 2012, Scott’s career started to slump. He had to work several part-time jobs to pay for his family. Despite these hardships, Scott continued to pursue his musical career.

Scott’s first studio album, Birds in the Tra Tra Sing McKnight, received critical acclaim. His song, “Days Before Rodeo,” became the second highest-charting single on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Travis Scott has earned millions of dollars from his music. His income comes from touring, record sales, merchandise royalties, and his endorsement deals. In 2019, he was one of the 15 highest-paid rappers in the world. In the future, Scott is expected to earn $60 million to $170 million.

Travis Scott’s net worth is estimated at $65 million. He co-owns a mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles with Kylie Jenner. He also bought a property adjacent to his home for $6 million in 2021. In 2020, Travis signed a $20 million endorsement deal with McDonald’s.

Travis Scott also owns a house in Houston. The home is located on 1.5 acres. In addition to his music career, Scott is also a producer. He has worked on Kanye West’s Cruel Winter and Big Sean’s album.

During his music career, Scott has worked with many different artists. He credits several different musicians for his success. He believes that artists should work together instead of competing against each other.

Business ventures

Despite his relative youth, Travis Scott has already made an impressive career for himself in the entertainment industry. He is now a successful producer, rapper, fashion designer, and music producer. His most recent album sold over 270,000 copies and was nominated for seven Grammys. He also has a successful merch line.

While Scott hasn’t released a new album in two years, he’s managed to land some lucrative business deals. He’s partnered with some major brands, including McDonald’s, PlayStation, Nike, and General Mills. He has also launched his own music label, CACTI. These partnerships have earned Scott a fortune.

The first celebrity endorsement deal that Travis Scott has made was for McDonald’s. This deal netted the rapper $5 million. He also received $15 million in merchandise sales from the deal.

Scott’s other notable business ventures include a virtual concert that was filmed for Fortnite, which drew millions of fans. Scott also performed several songs during the event.

Another business venture that Scott has made is a line of shoes. These shoes are branded with Scott’s signature style. He has also designed shoes for Nike and Adidas.

In the last five years, Scott has headlined four tours. This has led to a massive increase in his fan base. However, he’s also faced some backlash. His Super Bowl performance in January of 2018 was met with a backlash after he performed in the Super Bowl despite protests from Colin Kaepernick. Thankfully, Scott has since retracted his comments.

Scott has also partnered with AB InBev, a beverage company. He’s received an estimated $7 million from Spotify, likely comparable amounts from other streaming services. He’s also partnered with a BetterHealth app, which provides free counseling for festival attendees. He also donated US$500,000 to the Dream Corps.

House in Houston

During his visit to Houston, rapper Travis Scott visited his hometown and gave his fans a look at his home. This was the first time he has been spotted outside of his house since the Astroworld tragedy.

Scott was spotted on Wednesday outside his mansion for the first time since the tragedy. He was accompanied by security guards as his attorneys arrived to meet with him.

Scott’s home is located in Houston’s Museum District, less than four miles from Astroworld. It is a modern yacht-like home, designed by architect Christopher Robertson.

Besides its impressive size, Scott’s house has several luxury amenities, including a movie theater, two pools, a guest house, and a 610-bottle wine cellar. It is also heavily fortified with five security guards on site at all times.

There are two main rooms in Travis’ home, including a double-height living room with an infinity-edge pool. The home’s interiors feature a sleek design and a number of sliding glass doors. There are also three powder rooms and eight bathrooms, making it easy to take care of business at home.

The house also boasts the first home automation system installed in a house in the United States. This system will control all the lights, doors, and appliances in the house.

Travis Scott has also offered free therapy to victims of the Astroworld tragedy. He will also pay funeral costs for those who were killed. He has even given his parents a Christmas gift – his home.

He is also a songwriter and record producer. He has six Grammy nominations and has sold 45 million certified records in the US. His musical style is a combination of traditional hip hop and lo-fi.

Relationship with Kylie Jenner

During their time together, the couple has learned how to balance their relationship and careers. In fact, Jenner gave birth to their second child in 2022. The couple co-parents daughter Stormi.

According to TMZ, things cooled between the pair last year, and they took a break. However, they have since made a return. They recently sat down with GQ magazine for an interview. They also shared family photos with one another.

Scott has also made appearances with Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in a Fortnite-themed Samsung commercial. He also released a documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, on Netflix in August. The documentary, which is about their first child, Stormi, reveals insight into the couple’s relationship.

In February, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott gave birth to their daughter Stormi. The pair shared pictures of their newborn daughter on Instagram. They also had a red carpet appearance together in August.

The couple rented out Six Flags for Scott’s birthday. They also took their daughter to Disneyland for a day. In addition, Jenner flew to London to support her boyfriend during a show. They were also spotted at a Miami concert in May.

Jenner and Scott also reunited in February 2020 to celebrate Stormi’s second birthday. They also took her to New York City for a couple of hours. They also celebrated Travis’ 30th birthday.

Jenner and Travis Scott have been together for several years, but they haven’t always had the best relationship. In the past, they have been accused of cheating on one another. However, Jenner has denied the claims. In fact, she believes their relationship is still going strong. She also shared her appreciation for Scott on Father’s Day.

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